Writers & Screenwriters

I run events, and create ebook/video/audio resources for writers and screenwriters all the time. Look for them on EntertainmentIndustryEvents.com.

Writers and Screenwriters practice their craft for a variety of reasons.  Some have a story to tell they think the world just has to see, others want to earn a great living by giving audiences exactly what they want, while some simply can’t imagine doing anything else.

We help writers swiftly, cost effectively, and professionally bring their work to market as:

  • Books
  • Screenplays
  • Stageplays
  • Audio Books
  • Audio Dramas
  • Plays
  • Web Series
  • Film Productions

Reach out to us via email at info@nobetterfriend.com if you want to:

  • Work with well credited experts
  • Remain fully in control of the process and your intellectual property
  • Master the skills required to handle future projects

See your work on Amazon, iBook, Nook, Audible, Hulu, Netflix, DirectTV, Theaters, etc. We are one of the few companies who can help you swiftly release your work across media.

Can’t Write? We have ghostwriters, book doctors, script doctors, and professional editors who can help you say exactly what you mean.

Our Founder: Nancy Fulton is a writer, producer, and serial entrepreneur who has created, distributed, and promoted content across media for years. She very much enjoys supporting creative entrepreneurs and founders through events, consulting services, and referrals. Learn more about here on LinkedIn. Email her on info@nancyfultonmeetups.com for a swift response.