No Better Friend / Judd Nelson

My father was a military engineer. Specifically he was junior technical director at the Naval Ordnance Test Station in China Lake until he left the military over the ramp up to war in Vietnam shortly before I was born.  My mother was a journalist who wrote thousands of articles on life, politics, and the courts in Ventura County.


I grew up in the country and, with only 5 channels on TV, mom taught me to read by teaching me to write.  So my life in tech has been been paralleled by a very active life as a creative professional. For a decade I wrote romance novels under a pseudonym, I helped producer Eve Brandstein produce spoken word and theatrical events for three years, and I have published and promoted the work of others from time to time.


In 2004, infuriated by the lack of information coming back from journalists trapped in the Iraqi green zone, I decided to produce a documentary featuring soldiers and marines who could tell the truth about the war.


I and my amazing co-producer, Susie Shannon (DNC Superdelegate, California E-Board Member, and Anti-Poverty Activist, and Founder of PovertyMatters), and the great cinematographer, vet, and producer James Metropole, made Back From Iraq, released in 2005.


Susie handed rough cuts of the film to members of congress when she went to Washington with Cindy Sheehan and IVAW. Our vets reported war crimes, described the mismanagement, misery, and corruption being inflicted on the Iraqi people, and described the failure of the Bush Administration to provide vets with treatment for their many injuries when they came home.  The film was shown at Gold Star Family events and used by high school instructors to talk to young adults about military services.


During this time period I drafted a screenplay called “NO BETTER FRIEND: A Military Ghost Story” and began working to produce it.


I had incredible support from Master Sergeant Matt Sigloch, founder of Hollywood’s leading military and tactical team SIGLOCH MT, and dozens of other great professionals most of whom you can find listed on IMDB on a short prequel we produced called Graduation Day.


In late 2007-early 2008 I had what appeared to be an agreement for full funding. Over the following 12 months the deal fell apart along with the world economy.  Which turned out to be an amazing thing . . .


I had approached Judd Nelson to play a lead role in the film when I thought funding was imminent.  In 2008 we began writing together, creating dozens of works including features, episodic television pilots/episodes, many shorter works suitable for anthology series, and a vastly superior NO BETTER FRIEND.


Judd is an amazing writer. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him in any capacity, but particularly as a writer, I suggest you drop everything to do it.


I think he was born with a preternatural sense lets him create dynamic characters that peel like an onion to reveal new depths and new truths with every single line. I’m pretty sure that being trained by Stella Adler, working as a professional actor for decades, and reading many thousands of screenplays didn’t hurt.


Over a period of ten years or so I’ve had the honor of seeing some great stories and characters born through pure alchemy. You should be so lucky . . .


If you are interested in learning more about our work, and you really should be, reach out to me at or contact Judd Nelson through his representation. We look forward to hearing from you.