Aghast, Fortunate Monsters & More

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I have three children, two conceived through IVF, and in my research for the procedure over 18 years ago, I learned that scientists had already cloned primates by splitting lab-created embryos before implantation.  Now, with CRISPR, we can easily genetically engineer embryos. In fact, doctors worldwide are already doing so.


As a beneficiary of Advanced Reproductive Technologies, I’m incredibly supportive of folks being able to have healthy, happy, kids. In fact I’m an active advocate.


But I do think it’s important to understand that not all fertility specialists are sane. A shocking number of fertility specialists have actually fertilized hundreds of eggs, implanted in unknowing/unwilling patients, and now have thousands of children. For example, check out this guy.


Fortunate Monster is the origin story for a new species created by a mad fertility doctor, and it explores issues I think we as a society will soon be facing.  Do you have to love your kid less just because he was manufactured by a mad man? Can you? What will we do when these experiments go terribly wrong?


I idly work on the next book in the series, Dragons Flight, in my copious free time.


AGHAST, ROSE REQUIEM, and SERKET are three other screenplays I’ve written on my own.  AGHAST, a haunted farm house story most similar to Sixth Sense and the Shining, got turned into a comic book script repped by agent Paul S. Levine. The other two projects are still looking for a good home, or waiting for me to decide to publish or produce them.